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Jeremy Utley
People who bring God praise (Sydney, August 2018)

Session 1 (Prove God's Trustworthiness)

Session 2 (Endure in fervent love)

Session 3 (Refuse rotten speech at home)

Session 4 (Destroy lofty thoughts)

Speaker: Year:
6/16/2019 Fading To The Background So Jesus Can Be Preeminent Bobby McDonald
6/16/2019 Church Sharing Church
6/15/2019 Session 6 - Purity, purity, purity Sandeep Poonen
6/15/2019 Session 5 - God is our Father and we are His family Sandeep Poonen
6/15/2019 Session 4 - God's plan with trials Sandeep Poonen
6/15/2019 Session 3 - God's plan for me today Sandeep Poonen
6/15/2019 Session 2 - God prepared a body for Jesus Sandeep Poonen
6/14/2019 Session 1 - Jesus is my hero Sandeep Poonen
6/10/2019 Sandeep Poonen - Dallas Message Sandeep Poonen
6/9/2019 The Infinite Sympathy Of Jesus Jeremy Utley
6/9/2019 Church Sharing Church
6/2/2019 Church Sharing Church
6/2/2019 365 Days Of Freedom From Fear Bobby McDonald
5/26/2019 The First Thing I must Say When I Face My Enemy Sandeep Poonen
5/26/2019 Church Sharing Church

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