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New Sermon Series by Zac Poonen:

The Glory of God in the New Covenant

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Jeremy Utley
People who bring God praise (Sydney, August 2018)

Session 1 (Prove God's Trustworthiness)

Session 2 (Endure in fervent love)

Session 3 (Refuse rotten speech at home)

Session 4 (Destroy lofty thoughts)

Speaker: Year:
3/19/2019 Sandeep Poonen - The Most Special Day For Jesus (New York meeting) Sandeep Poonen
3/18/2019 Jeremy Utley - My Worthiness or God's Willingness (Sydney CFC Meeting) Jeremy Utley
3/17/2019 12. Freedom From The Love Of Money To Love God Zac Poonen
3/17/2019 11. Spiritual Enemies And No Earthly Enemy Zac Poonen
3/10/2019 10. Revelation Given To Those Who Become Like Babes Zac Poonen
3/10/2019 9. A Church Without Distinction Of Race Or Intellect Zac Poonen
3/3/2019 8. God Gives Us The Desire And Ability To Do His Will Zac Poonen
3/3/2019 7. The New-Covenant Sabbath Zac Poonen
2/24/2019 6. New-Covenant Parent-Children Relationship Zac Poonen
2/24/2019 5. New-Covenant Husband-Wife Relationship Zac Poonen
2/17/2019 4. Worshipping God In Spirit And Truth Zac Poonen
2/17/2019 3. The Blood Of Christ And Justification Zac Poonen
2/10/2019 2. Seeing Christ's Glory - And Becoming Like Him Zac Poonen
2/10/2019 1. God Our Father - And Satan Defeated Zac Poonen
2/3/2019 Devotion To Christ Is Primary Zac Poonen

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