Today is 2/22/22. That’s a lot of twos.

And it’s a Tuesday. So it is quite the “Twosday”!


My prayer today is for our marriages. That the two-s will become one.

This extended time of restrictions because of Covid has done good things for some marriages, but has also put greater pressure on other marriages.
My prayer today is that:

  • The Lord will further strengthen marriages that are going well
  • The Lord will heal marriages that are hurting.
  • The Lord will resurrect marriages that seem like there is no more life in them.


Healing and Resurrecting our Marriages:

As I thought about things that seem truly impossible in front of us, this is what the Lord reminded me of today:
“Nothing is impossible for God!”
Or in other words, “Never, ever bet against God!

And as much as I am convinced that God gives each person free-will, I was also specifically encouraged by this follow-on thought:
Never, ever bet against the prayers of a righteous man (James 5:16)”.

So even if the other spouse is currently resistant, or even dead, to God’s heart for love and unity and fellowship, let us claim the supernatural power of James 5:16. And like James points out, we can gain strength from the example of the prayers of just one righteous person (Elijah, James 5:17-18).

The Lord reached us by His mercy when we too were dead in our transgressions (Ephesians 2:4-5). So He can definitely do the same for others.
And yes, He seeks to use us (the very ones who needed such immense mercy) as instruments of His mercy to others (1 Timothy 1:16). He can do this even if we are not allowed to even speak a word (1 Peter 3:1-2).


Strengthening our Marriages and Families:

This resurrection and strengthening also extends to our children. We must earnestly and immediately repent of any distance that has come into our marriages, because this has an impact on the health of our children. The two must become one, so that we can raise our children to be godly (Malachi 2:15).

And as much as I will never bet against the prayers of one righteous person, an even greater force is the prayer of two united people (Matthew 18:18-20). The greatest power on earth is the prayer of two whole-hearted individuals who are wholly-devoted to Jesus. Such a group of "two who have become one" is the greatest superpower in the entire world.

Let us turn our eyes away from all the "superpowers" of the world as they flex their military and economic muscles. May the Lord open the eyes of our heart to see the truly greatest superpower (2 Kings 6:17) that is well within our grasp - as we bow our knees before God and seek to be united with each other.


Happy Twosday!