NCCF Quotes

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"My comfort is negotiable, God’s glory isn’t negotiable." -Rinchu Mathew
Subject: Encouragement
"Perhaps my faith did not move mountains today, but with my eyes on Jesus my Savior, I hopefully still took a small step forward in the race." -NCCF Sister
Subject: Encouragement, Perseverance, Hope
"If I consider running this Christian race a half-marathon, then each day is indeed just one small step in that race." -Sunil Poonen (NCCF Blog)
Subject: Perseverance
"There is a lot happening, it is an uphill mountain. But I saw there was a promise for me, that those who endure to the end will be saved (Matthew 24:13) so to keep going." -NCCF Sister
Subject: Perseverance, Hope
"God is always near (Isaiah 55:6) Seek the Lord and He will be found, call upon Him. All I have to do is reach out and God will give me a chance to be gentle (Phil. 4:5)" - NCCF Sister
Subject: Hope
"Despite Job's good works and outstandingly upright life, it wasn't until he persevered in trial that he brought maximum glory to God and became a witness." - Shina Madamori (NCCF blog)
Subject: Perseverance
"I want to praise God on this side of the river, before crossing the Jordan (Joshua 3)" - NCCF Sister
Subject: Encouragement
"I can either hear the words spoken to us as condemnation, or an invitation, to come up higher." -NCCF Sister
Subject: Pleasing God, Redeeming the Time
"It is a lot easier to withstand all the fiery darts of the wicked (Ephesians 6:16), when we are not by ourselves, but together." -Raymond from VBS 2023
Subject: Encouragement, The Church
"A Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world, but what is faster than a cheetah? Our thoughts. We must take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5)" - Stanley from VBS 2023
Subject: Obedience, Emotions, Discouragement
"The most beautiful thing in the world is when the church is encouraging one another. (Psalms 50:2)" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Encouragement, Serving the Lord
"The church is built by prophecy." -NCCF sister from NCCF teaching
Subject: Prophecy
"Even a smile can be prophetic." -Sunil Poonen
Subject: Prophecy
"Purity is not freedom from sin. Purity is being alive and full of life with God. Freedom from sin is an empty, clear cup. What good is an empty, clear, cup to a thirsty man? He needs a clean cup filled with water (the life of Jesus)." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Prophecy
"The way of escape is endurance." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Perseverance, Encouragement
"God wants me to call upon Him, not just a one-time thing, but over and over again (Isaiah 55:6)." -NCCF sister
Subject: Dependence, Pleasing God
"'Goal' means I might not be there yet, but I'm heading that way. (Phil. 3:14)" -NCCF sister
Subject: Hope, Perseverance, Encouragement
"The Egyptians you see today, won't be there tomorrow." - NCCF Sister
Subject: Hope, Perseverance, Power of God
"Do I want to limp through life or go through a little bit of pain now (circumcision of the heart) to eventually walk and then run through life (Deut. 30:6)." -Sunil Poonen
Subject: Perseverance, Power of God
"A believing heart is a restful one." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith
"God calls today: 'The Day of Salvation.' I want to run down that trail." - Jeremy Utley
Subject: Encouragement
"At 8 years old Franny Crosby wrote, 'oh, what a happy soul am I, though I can't see, contented I will be.'" -Annie Poonen
Subject: Contentment, Encouragement
"Let the little phrases hang over our lives; 'he did the work of God today (1Sam. 14:45).' 'He was one who stood with Me in my trials. (Luke 22:28)'" -Sandeep Poonen\George Mathew\Shina Madamori
Subject: Encouragement, Service
"A short encouragement can be very powerful. God can take the 30-60 seconds of what we share, to encourage someone to follow the Lord more wholeheartedly. (2 Chron. 15:2)" -Wenhai Pan
Subject: Service, Serving the Lord, Prophecy
"When a father plays 'hide-and-seek' they hide so they can be found. God hides in a way that we can find Him. (2 Chron. 15:2)" -Wenhai Pan
Subject: Encouragement, Finding God's Will
"God isn't interested in being brought back to life over and over again (resuscitating), but of living (resurrection)." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Power of God, Resurrection
"We can 'lose the forest for the trees,' we can lose the main point of everything. Even children know they should be kind. If we find ourselves like the Pharisees (hard-hearted, religious), we must repent of our hard hearts and become a person again." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Repentance, Christ-likeness
"The most neglected thing is plain and simple kindness. Jesus looked with anger towards cruel people, those who were judging others. The Pharisees didn't want Jesus to heal a man." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Christ-likeness, Mercy
"The title we put on something makes a big impact on the attitude we have towards it. What is our banner for today? Is it the 'boring trail' or is it the 'enchanted springs'? (2 Corin. 6:2)"- Jeremy Utley
Subject: Hope, Gratitude, Power of God
"Real strength in the Lord is being able to overlook a wrong." -Bobby McDonald"
Subject: Power of God, Christ-likeness
"Poverty of spirit is where the eternal stuff is happening, theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:3)" -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Humility, Heaven, Eternity
"There is great joy in heaven not when there is revival, but when there is repentance. Repentance is a change in our thinking." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Repentance, Seeking God
"God doesn't work when we draw lines of age, state of life, ethnicity, gender; the church of God is multigenerational, multiethnic. We draw no barrier." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: New Covenant, Christ-likeness
"A Car scratch- this thing called my conscious was screaming, and this thing called my flesh was fighting back. Flesh was saying that scratch was already there, but conscious was saying you are lying to yourself. The Lord put on my heart- the value of a clean conscious is much more priceless than the value of a car repair." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Honesty, Conscience
"A garden left untended goes to weeds, same with spiritual life, we can lose our strength in the Lord." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Perseverance
"Let's get an A+ in confessing our hope." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Hope, Faith
"I pray we go from strength to strength at NCCF. Passionate to build the body, passionate to listen to the Lord, and passionate to refuse our feelings." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Feelings, Temptation, Service
"I see the Cross back then, 2000 years ago, so I don’t need answers for anything now." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Faith, Hope
"To walk in the light is to be brutally honest with God, not obey all His commands. Then we can have fellowship with Him." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Fellowship
"Hebrews 3:13 helps us know how to avoid being hardened, to encourage one another day after day." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Encouragement, Overcoming Sin, Service
"The message we should get from the story of Job is that: ‘God is compassionate and full of mercy.'(James 5:11)" -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Compassion, Hope, Mercy
"Nothing separates us from the love of God as our Father (Romans 8:37). That helps us to have a triumphant life." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Salvation, Love
"Anytime I am tempted I hear Jesus say, ‘I know, I was tempted too.' He knows sickness, He knows lost, He knows temptation. That is why He is so trustworthy." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Temptation, Trials, Fellowship
"Jesus Christ suffered the lost of His father, Joseph, Jesus Christ suffered the lost of His friend, Lazarus, Jesus Christ on the cross suffered the lost of the most precious thing in His life which was fellowship with His Father, so when I come to Him in my lost do you know what He says? ‘I know.’’ -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Temptation, Fellowship
"When we think of obedience, do we think of 'do not murder, and 'do not steal' and assume 'I must be pretty obedient'? Or do we see all the circumstances that come from God's hand as instructions to obey?" -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Discipleship, Obedience
"99% of discipleship is saying 'yes, Lord,' to whatever circumstances come." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Discipleship, Obedience
"It is impossible for you to walk with the Lord in the past week and not having anything to share on how He helped you." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Prophecy
"The devil questions whether God is really my Father." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Temptation, Trials
"God’s love and my trouble for the day don’t contradict each other, they go together." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Love, encouragement
"You don't engrave things in flesh, flesh is impressionable, it is sensitive. And when the Lord wants to give us a heart of flesh, He wants to remove the tendency to seek for rules engraved permanently." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Sanctification
"Anytime our religion is a set of rules, we are in trouble." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Pleasing God, Sanctification
"A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, one day of our faithfulness is like a thousand years to God. (2Peter 3:8)" -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Encouragement
"All of God's discipline happens on His lap of love." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Discipline
"The Cross puts an end to 'I'm not sure if God really likes me.'" -Bobby McDonald
Subject: The Cross, Jesus
"God's love will not always look like I expect. Even if I don't see it, it will always choose the best for me." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Love, The Cross
"We don't have faith and hope in people, but we have love towards people. Love is patient, love is kind. (1Corin. 13:4)"- Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Hope, Love, Patience
"True spirituality is not in all this activity and going out to serve. True spirituality is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Devotion, Service, Serving
"Spiritual growth is part of the unconscious becoming conscious." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Sanctification, Conscience
"Faith, hope and love all have one thing in common: they require patience." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Patience, Hope, Faith
"The Bible often says, 'HOLD FAST' I have to hold fast the words God spoke to me." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Perseverance, Hope
"Unbelief is worst then pride." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Overcoming Sin, Pride
"Even a smile can be prophetic." -Sunil Poonen
Subject: Prophecy
"Two nobodies can forgive each other easily." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Forgiveness, Humility
"If we stop condemning others, we won't be condemned." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Justification, Unity
"The thing that is not going away is exactly what the Lord wants to use to make me more like Christ." -Priam Fernandes
Subject: Christ-likeness, Perseverance
"I don't want to get to heaven and find my faith was the size of a penny. I would love for my faith to be the quality of a diamond." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Faith, Judgement Day, Perseverance
"Faith is to believe God still loves me." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Overcoming Sin, Jesus
"Trials do not mean God is punishing me, it is a testing of our faith to let patience have it's perfect work, so that we lack nothing. (James 1:3-4)" -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Trials, Perseverance, Patience
"Jesus is praying for us that our faith not fail. (Luke 22:32)" -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Jesus, Prayer, Perseverance
"Beware of arguing with scripture, just obey it." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Obedience, Pleasing God
"Midweek groups are an opportunity to profess our hope of what might not be true yet, but we believe will be." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Prophecy, Hope, Salvation
"The widow brought her two mites, which can be just two minutes of encouragement (Luke 21:1-4)." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Prophecy, Encouragement
"We might not have anything to say about ourselves, but we can always testify of God and His faithfulness and His goodness." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Prophecy, Preaching
"What's my attitude towards the words I have heard, are they boring or repetitive? Then I am drifting." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Stewardship, Redeeming the Time
"I am going backwards if I lose a love and concern for others." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Sanctification, Love
"I am going backwards if my joy is decreasing." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Sanctification, Pleasing God
"Real strength in the Lord is being able to overlook a wrong." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Forgiveness, Christ-likeness, Unity
"Live always free from the accusation of Satan, we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony (Rev. 12:11)." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Overcoming Sin, Pleasing God, Justification
"The Word of God is a life-giving resource to compensate for the feelings I have to kill." - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Feelings, Power of God
"Whatever I wish was different (me, or them, or this) I have to see it as a Divinely appointed equipping aspect of my life." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Enemies, Feelings, Perseverance
"What I need in this moment is not a different set of circumstances, what I need is Christ in me." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Overcoming Sin, Pleasing God
"A challenging boss, troubling child, or a nagging health issue, can we say this is the pathway in which God has appointed by which I can live all out for Him?" -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Persecution, Whole-Heartedness, Trials
"Jesus tells Peter five seconds after He restores him, 'go and encourage your brothers.'" -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Encouragement, Forgiveness, Service
"God sent His Son, what more can He do for you?" -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Contentment, Hope
"Don't seek to make your brother/sister more dirty than they really are. Seek the ministry of justifying others. (Zech.3:4-5)" -Zac Poonen
Subject: Justification, Unity
"The ministry of making our brother/sister glorious is to join hands with Jesus the Advocate." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Christ-likeness, Justification
"The only thing certain is Jesus is coming back." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Jesus, Hope
"God is willing to use anybody so that others can be saved." -Shina Madamori
Subject: Service, Love
"Being pure does not mean being free from sin. Being pure means being full of faith, hope and love." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Love, Christ-likeness
"Spiritual wealth is humility and the fear of the Lord." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility
"The measure in which we have compassion, is the measure in which we are like Christ." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Christ-likeness, Compassion
"Holiness is love." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Holiness, Love
"We don't preach red lines (the ups and downs of life) but the green line (of God's glory continuously increasing) (Prov. 4:18)" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Hope, New Covenant
"The two sides of the coin are ‘I will not stop seeking the Lord,’ and the other side is, ‘God will SURELY reward me.’ (Heb. 11:6)" -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Encouragement, Faith
"We can hasten the Lord’s coming by eagerly desiring to be with Him and waiting expectedly for Him; saying, ‘Lord, come quickly.’ (Rev. 22:20)" -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Encouragement
"A disciple makes no mistakes in regards to the past (no ‘if only’s’) but I also need to seek God’s grace to help make no mistakes for the present and future. (John 15:5)" - Sunil Poonen
Subject: Encouragement
"The proof we are believing in justification is that there will be no boasting. (Rom. 3:27)" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Justification
"To be justified means we have a 100% over our head no matter how our week went." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Justification
"God uses affliction to give us a heart, a sympathy, a care and a ministry for others who suffer too. (2Corin.1:4)" -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Trials, Perseverance, Service
"God uses affliction to see things from His perspective. Job said at the end of his affliction: ‘I declare now things too wonderful for me, things I didn’t know.’ (Job 42:3)" -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Trials, Perseverance, Hope
"Faithfulness in trials are something we can give back to God on the final day." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Trials
"God uses affliction to humble us and keep us from pride. (2 Corin. 12:6-7)" -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Trials
"God uses affliction to bring us near to the Lord. (Psalms 34:18)" -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Trials
"God uses affliction to purify us and make us like Jesus. (Romans 8:29)" -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Trials
"If we really understood what it means to be a child of God, all our problems would be solved." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Encouragement, Hope, Faith
"When I see failure in my life, let me say, ‘don’t rejoice over me, my enemy, I will have victory in this area soon.’ (Micah 7:8)" -Priam Fernandes
Subject: Overcoming Sin
"The fear of the Lord and humility go together; they are like twins. (Proverbs 22:4)" -Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility, Overcoming Sin
"Christian growth is a growth in humility. The best gifts are on the lowest shelf." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility, Overcoming Sin
"I want a triumphant life. I want to knock it out of the park, is such a life possible? It is." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Overcoming Sin, Whole-Heartedness
"If we think the Christian life is possible, our standard is too low. The Christian life is IMPOSSIBLE. But with the Holy Spirit it is possible. (Mark 9:23)" -Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Hope, Overcoming Sin
"If I am not gathering, I am scattering." -Sunil Poonen
Subject: Service, Serving
"The proof of our faith will be praise." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith
"The proof of our faith will be thanksgiving." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Thanksgiving
"How do we know we have died to self? R.I.P (rest in peace) We will have peace in our heart." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Encouragement, Peace
"If it is Christ in me then I can sleep in the midst of the storm, I can walk on water, I can sing while there are fleas in the bed, I can write poems with my arthritic fingers, or whatever it is..." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Encouragement, Hope
"The more we grow into spiritual strength we will be able to say genuinely, 'every day is a good day.'" -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Encouragement
"Every morning God puts a gift on the edge of our bed, a gift of mercy." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Mercy, Hope
"When people hate you without cause, you can love them without cause." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Mercy, Encouragement
"A disciple makes no mistakes (no 'if only's)." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Encouragement
"Jesus was eminent (great) to Peter, but in order for Jesus to become PREeminent (towering above everything else), Peter needed to be sifted." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Trials, Perseverance
"A moving ship is easier to redirect, but it also needs to have a loose rudder (a surrendered will)." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Surrender
"Salvation comes by professing with our mouths what we believe in our hearts. (Rom. 10:10)" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Salvation
"God can recover ALL the love you had for Him at the first. (Joel 2:25)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Hope, Encouragement
"God can recover ALL the spiritual truths you once had but lost (1 Sam. 30:18)." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Hope, Encouragement
"If you regard all the people of the earth as nothing (zero) then there's nothing God cannot do FOR YOU and THROUGH you. (Dan. 4:35)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Power of God
"If you learn to give thanks for everyone, you won't just have a Thanksgiving Day, you'll have a thanksgiving life." -Zac Poonen
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Gratitude
"God's primary burden is Christlikeness, not earthly logistics of life. (Col. 3:1)" -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Christ-Likeness
"We should not be surprised when we experience sifting circumstances that test our faith (1 Pet. 4:12)" -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Faith, Pereseverance
"Peter at his lowest point said, 'I have nowhere else to go, but I can go back to the Lord.'" -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Knowing God, Forgiveness
"My biggest problem is that I don't know how much God loves me." - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Faith, Love, Hope
"We are just one spec out of so many millions, that reminder will keep us humble." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Humility
"God's purpose of His sifting in my life is that Jesus might be preeminent. (Col. 1:18)" -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Knowing God, Perseverance
"These strange ashes: God's ways look very strange to us." - Bobby McDonald
Subject: Knowing God
"God justifies the ungodly. (Romans 4:5)" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Justification
"God is always silently planning in love for you. (Zeph. 3:17)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Love, Encouragement
"May we prove we've been with Jesus." -Priam Fernandes
Subject: Devotion, Encouragement
"Redefining a good day vs bad day: A good day is when I needed the Lord. A bad day is when I didn't need Him." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Dependence, Perseverance
"God is not breaking me down, He is breaking new ground." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Encouragement
"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, to REVIVE them. (Isaiah 57:15)" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Hope, Encouragement
"We are painfully aware of ours sins but JUSTIFIED as though never sinned once." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Justification
"One giant we must go militant against: our feelings." -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Feelings
"What is the statement of humility? Psalms 119:32 I shall run the way of Your commandments, for You will enlarge my heart." - Jeremy Utley
Subject: Humility
"We serve a glorious Master who knows how to override our mistakes for His glory and our own advantage." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discouragement, Regret
"God very often blesses us through weaker members." - Zac Poonen
Subject: The Church
"Faith is continuing to confess that God is perfect love no matter what happens, even when it is strange to us." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Faith, Trials
"Remember the words God gave you of personal revelations to help you overcome, don’t let them go. God’s promises never expire." - Bobby McDonald
Subject: Faith, Feelings
"Be careful not to despise someone else’s love for the Lord." - Jeremy Utley
Subject: Devotion, Love
"This is the definition of deception: losing your pure and simple devotion to Jesus. (2 Corin. 11:13)" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Devotion
"The path might not always be easy, but God says, ‘if you call to Me I will answer.’ (Psalms 120:1)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Encouragement
"Don’t have the attitude of ‘I just got to make it through,’ don’t just make it through, but triumphantly." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Perseverance, Overcoming Sin
"Don’t settle for, ‘Lord I want to be encouraged,’ but say, ‘Lord I want to encourage others.’" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Encouragement, Service
"Blessed are you, when the Lord didn’t answer your prayer, but you still trust Him and confess that He’s 100% fully a God of love." -Bobby McDonald
Subject: Love, Knowing God
"Let’s seek to be a praying church in secret." - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Prayer
"Love has a bad memory." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Forgiveness, Love
"A Christian's strength is measured by what it takes to discourage them (Prov. 24:10)." - Bobby McDonald
Subject: Encouragement
"It is actually POSSIBLE for me to live all out for Jesus in these set of circumstances." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Whole-heartedness, Trials
"Whenever I take issue with God’s dealings, it’s a clear sign that pride is there; for God gives grace to the humble." -Jeremy Utley
Subject: Pride, Grace, Bad Moods
"If I believe that 'God is.' It means I am saying, 'I isn't.' I am not. God is." - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Surrender, Knowing God
"To have faith is to say: 'Lord You are everything, I am nothing.'" -Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Faith, Surrender
"It might seem like you don't care because you're not worried. You just know, God will work everything out. You don't know how, but that He will." - Bobby McDonald
Subject: Rest
"True freedom from fear consists of totally resigning one’s life into the hands of the Lord" - David Wilkerson
Subject: Faith, Surrender
"If you've never laid everything on the altar, then you're not born again." - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Salvation, Surrender
"If we're not all-in, then we're not in at all." - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Surrender
"I want to have as little desire for this world as a dead person has." - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Contentment, Worldliness
"The next time you get angry, count to 10. Not the number 10, 10 of your own sins."
Subject: Anger, Forgiveness, Mercy
"Our unconscious actions are determined by the way we make our conscious decisions. Finally, it is the sum total of these decisions that determine whether we become spiritual or carnal. Think of the millions of decisions that we have made ever since we were first converted. Those who have consciously and consistently chosen to deny their self-will many times each day and to do the will of God, have become spiritual. On the other hand, those who have rejoiced merely in the forgiveness of their sins, and who therefore chose to please themselves most of the time have remained carnal. Each person's decisions have determined what he has finally become." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discipleship, Self Denial
"Become like an infant that loves to be held by God" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Faith, Love of God
"Whenever I don't have an enjoyment of God, I'm starting to be deceived" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Joy
"I have seen very many fine preachers, but very few who have endured to the end in humility" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility, Perseverance
"Have you ever looked up into Heaven and said, 'Daddy!'? Have you ever done that even once in your life, with absolute assurance that you have a Daddy up there?" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Love of God, Prayer
"Our spirituality is perhaps never so tested as when we are opposed and contradicted." - Zac Poonen, Beauty for Ashes Ch.1
Subject: Anger, Discipleship, Temptation
"We overcome sin not by battling sin primarily, but by loving God with all our heart" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Devotion, Overcoming Sin
"God has not made a mistake, in the circle He has drawn around you"- Zac Poonen [Message: Keeping ourselves in the love of God]
Subject: Contentment, Power of God, Trials
"Paul urged him [Timothy] to stir up that gift and to kindle it afresh [2 Tim 1:6], to keep the fire burning. From this we learn that even though Jesus baptizes us in the Holy Spirit and fire (Mathew 3:11), we still have to do something to keep that fire burning at all times. God lights the fire. We have to keep supplying the fuel – a life totally surrendered at all times to God’s will... So Paul told Timothy, “That fire that came upon you, keep it afresh, keep it burning. It is up to you now. If you don’t keep it burning it will die out. Keep it burning by keeping a good conscience, by studying the word of God, by humbling yourself, by seeking God wholeheartedly, by staying away from the love of money and from arguments with others and from anything that will quench this fire" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Holy Spirit, Seeking God, Surrender
"“Cares are numerous, and, therefore, let your prayers be as numerous. Turn everything that is a care into a prayer.” - C. H. Spurgeon"
Subject: Anxiousness, Prayer
"“If we don’t keep increasing in our personal devotion to the Lord, we will gradually become backsliders” - Zac Poonen"
Subject: Devotion
"I don't want to die old. I want to die empty... God's not going to ask you how old you were when you died, He will ask you how much was left in your pitcher." - Santosh Poonen
Subject: Whole-Heartedness
"Hostile forces will try to rip the truth from our grasp, but praise be to God, it is the exercise of our faith — tenaciously holding to and proclaiming what we have heard — that produces the fruit (Luke 8:15)" - Jeremy Utley
Subject: Faith
"[When the Lord is pruning us] "Sing while it stings. Lean into the blade. He's not going to cut off anything you need, only that which will make you bear more fruit." - Jeremy Utley"
Subject: Trials
"A 15 year old that can't control their tongue is worse than a 15 year old that can't control their bladder." - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Speech
"Rejoicing now - on this day - is the indispensable pre-requisite to rejoicing on that day, when Christ returns." - Jeremy Utley
Subject: Joy, Trials
"The only thing that will prevent God from listening to your prayer is sin (Psalm 66:18)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Finding God's Will, Sin, Prayer
"You can experience a measure of the Holy Spirit’s workings in your life and still stop at some point that is less than God’s best." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Holy Spirit
"If we can only live with reasonable people, we are unfit to be Jesus’s disciples. It is through unreasonable people that God consumes our pride. When we learn to live with unreasonable people, suffering at their hands, then God will be pleased because Jesus also humbled Himself and endured suffering at the hands of unreasonable men." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Enemies, Trials, Pride
"God is looking for men and women who will never be content with mere experiences and 'blessings', but who will take up the cross daily and follow Jesus and thus manifest in their lives and in their service the reality of those words, 'It is no longer I, but Christ that lives in me.' This, and this alone is the Spirit-filled life." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discipleship
"If Jesus Christ Himself could come into this skin of mine one day and live through me that day, would my wife notice a difference? Would she say 'Darling you're so different today!' But that's the way I should always be, if it's no longer I living but Christ! That is what it means to say 'It is no longer I but Christ living in me' - I have died to myself. I want Christ to live in me, and I want Christ to be seen in me. This is only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Holy Spirit, Overcoming Sin, Spiritual Maturity
"Not all of us are called to die a martyr’s death, but all of us are called to have the same spirit of self-sacrifice and love to the very end as these martyrs had." - Richard Wurmbrand
Subject: Love, Sacrifice, Self-Denial
"Oh! What a weight is love, since it caused so astonishing a fall, from heaven to earth—from God to man!" - Madam Guyon
Subject: Jesus, Love, The Cross
"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength." - Corrie Ten Boom
Subject: Anxiousness, Fear
"Prayer can never be in excess" - Charles Spurgeon
Subject: Prayer
"In the light of eternity we shall see that what we desired would have been fatal to us, and that what we would have avoided was essential to our well-being." - Francois Fenelon
Subject: Eternity, Faith, Trials
"A man’s prayer life is in exact proportion to a sense of his own insufficiency." - Oswald Chambers
Subject: Dependence, Prayer
"The verb in Ephesians 5:18 is a continuous verb – it means 'be being filled', 'keep on being filled', and not 'be filled once'. If we were filled with the Spirit in the morning, we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit in the evening and every day continuously. Ask God to fill you with His Spirit all the time. Such people were referred to in Acts as 'men and women FULL of the Holy Spirit'" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Dependence, Holy Spirit
"Even though science has invented many time-saving devices which our forefathers did not possess, yet man finds himself rushed for time. Today we can travel by car, train or aeroplane where they had to travel on animals or on their own two feet. Our ancestors had to spend much longer doing the daily household chores which today are done for us by gadgets and machines. Yet many of them found much more time for God than most people find today. Why? Because they had their priorities right." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Devotion, Priority, Whole-Heartedness
"The real secret of an unsatisfied life lies too often in an unsurrendered will." - Hudson Taylor
Subject: Discipleship, Joy, Peace, Surrender
"What was your attitude to sin? That is the only important question on the final day (Matt 7:23)." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Judgment Day, Sin
"Do I mourn over being tempted? At the very threat of being separated from God, which is essentially what every temptation represents?" - Jeremy Utley
Subject: Temptation
"When we finally see God, we will be surprised to discover how much greater His love for us was, than we had ever imagined. We will then realize how foolish all our anxieties were. But what is the use of realizing it then? Now is the time to have our eyes opened to the fact of God’s love, and to live by faith." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Anxiousness, Love of God
"Prayer is an expression of our helpless dependence upon God. Fasting is an expression of our willingness to deny ourselves of certain earthly comforts, legitimate comforts, for the sake of the Gospel." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Fasting, Prayer
"A servant of God thinks constantly about how to win souls and build the church. That is what he dreams about at night too. A servant of Mammon however thinks and dreams day and night about how to make more money." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Burden, Evangelism, Love, Money, The Church
"God attends the funeral of every sparrow" - H.A. Ironside
Subject: Love of God
"Faith is basically believing that God still loves us" - Zac Poonen (The Purpose of Failure)
Subject: Faith, Love of God
"God never disciplines to make us regret the past, but to give us hope that it can be different in the future"
Subject: Discipline, Hope, Regret
"A bad mood is a direct slap in the face to God" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Bad Moods, Discouragement
"Not every open door is from God. We must pass by open doors that He doesn't want us going through, and knock on closed doors that He does want us to go through." - Jeremy Utley
Subject: Finding God's Will
"If you find that you pray and can't seem to get through to God, start praising Him. You'll see that the atmosphere clears up immediately!" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Prayer
"I don't belong to them! I've been bought by God my Father! Your life will be supremely happy if you decide to be a slave. If there's misery in your life it is because you are a servant" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Service
"The proof of faith in our heart is praise from our mouth" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Praise
"Trial + Faith = God glorified (John 9:3)" - Jeremy Utley
Subject: Faith, Trials
"99% of the time we should just tell people we love them and are praying for them, not give them advice." - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Encouragement, Love
"The more you sweat in peace the less you'll bleed in war"
Subject: Discipline, Prayer, Preparation
"A coach of a marathon runner doesn't encourage by yelling stirring things, he encourages by saying 'one step at a time'" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Perseverance
"Asaph didn't say 'I feel God is my refuge', he said, 'I've made God my refuge" - Jeremy Utley
Subject: Faith, Feelings
"Good works become dead works when love for God is not the motivating force behind them." - Zac Poonen (The Final Trumph)
Subject: Devotion, Gratitude, Service
"The way forward is to always go back to Calvary." - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Forgiveness, Grace, Love of God, The Cross
"Humility is recognizing everything I have is a gift of God" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility
"Faith is total leaning of our personality upon God in absolute confidence of his Perfect Love, Mighty Power and Infinite Wisdom." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Humility
"A lot of movement doesn't necessarily mean spiritual progress (Deuteronomy 2:3)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Service, Spiritual Maturity
"Bible study is supposed to make our hearts burn, not just fill our mind with information." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Scripture
"When God is silent, we must go back to the last word He's spoken to us and ask ourselves if we've obeyed it." - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Obedience, Finding God's Will, Holy Spirit
"A man may be too big for God to use, but he cannot be too little"
Subject: Humility, Pride, Service
"As Christians, we don't value enough how far God has brought us and how much God has ALREADY done for us (by His freely-available love and forgiveness, by defeating the devil, by calling us His children, etc.). So may we learn to truly rest in what He's already done for us. This will give us the strength to keep moving forward." - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Gratitude, Love of God, Joy
"Prayer is total, helpless dependence on God." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Prayer
"Hypocrisy means pretending to be something you're not" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Hypocrisy
"John 6:38 is Jesus' one-line autobiography: 'For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.'" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discipleship, Obedience, Submission
"Never Quit! Never give up! -Br. Newton"
Subject: Perseverance
"What is most important muscle in your body? It's the muscle of your will: 'He who rules his spirit is better than one who captures a city' (Proverbs 16:32)" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Discipleship, Self Denial, Surrender
"Happiness is a feeling, rejoicing is an act of the will" - Jeremy Utley
Subject: Emotions, Joy
"Discouragement is a no-entry road."
Subject: Encouragement
"Humility is the soil on which all the fruit of the spirit grows" (Book: Secrets of Victory -Zac Poonen)
Subject: Humility
"The cup of the Lord may be bitter, but there is no poison in it" -Zac Poonen
Subject: Discipleship, Trials
"Some people say 'as long as I'm in Heaven that's all that's important, it doesn't really matter how I live.' Doesn't it? Suppose you look at a life on earth - compare a homeless beggar and a king in a palace. Both are living on earth but there's a world of difference. And spiritually it's going to be like that in Heaven, I believe. Those who spiritually speaking are homeless beggars and those who are kings." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Heaven, Rewards, Spiritual Maturity
"Most people say 'once you die you don't get another chance to live for God'. Sundar Singh used to say 'Once you die you don't get another chance to take up the cross for God'"
Subject: Discipleship, Self Denial
"It's ok to be afraid, but don't take a decision on the basis of fear" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Fear, Finding God's Will
"When Jesus preached He didn't run around yelling 'blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are the pure in heart'. He spoke quietly." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Preaching, Prophecy
"The proof I'm filled with Spirit is when the love of God has been shed abroad in my heart (Rom 5:5)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Holy Spirit, Love of God
"We need to ask for Holy Spirit so we have power to forgive from our heart" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Forgiveness, Holy Spirit
"Don't be a grave digger - someone who forgives someone their sin and buries it, but once really provoked goes back later and digs up their old sin again" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Forgiveness
"Many people treat God like a guest who comes for coffee and you drink most of the pot yourself and give Him the last little bit of dregs. He says, 'What do you want, to go to Heaven? Fine I'll take you there. But if you want to build the church you have to sacrifice.'" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sacrifice, Self-Denial, The Church, Whole-Heartedness
"All of Joseph's story hinges on his having had a concern for someone in jail who looked sad" (Gen 40:7). - Zac Poonen
Subject: Compassion, Love
"We can shatter our pride by asking for forgiveness quickly every time we sin against someone." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Forgiveness, Pride
"The blood of Abel cried out for revenge (Gen 4:10), but the blood of Jesus cries out for forgiveness (Heb 12:24)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Forgiveness, New Covenant
"Discouragement leads to more sin" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discouragement, Sin
"It is when something touches our money that we find out how spiritual we are" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Money
"Lord I'll never offer to you that which costs me nothing. Not just money. It must cost me inconvenience." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Materialism, Sacrifice, Self Denial
"I want to die to myself in the areas of convenience and comfort"
Subject: Discipleship, Materialism, Self Denial
"I do not condemn you. Don't sin again." (John 8:11) - That is the full gospel. - Zac Poonen
Subject: Gospel, Repentance, Salvation, Sin
"Let's become Ph.D.s in knowing God" - Sandeep Poonen
Subject: Devotion, Knowing God
"Self help is no help at all. Self sacrifice is the way."
Subject: Discipleship, Self Denial, Surrender
"The same Jesus that healed the blind said 'cut out your eye if it causes you to sin.'"
Subject: Jesus, Sin
"What determines how quickly I can progress while remaining humble? How quickly I am obeying what God has already taught me! "
Subject: Obedience
"Most of the time God is speaking not to get me to change the world but to prepare me to meet my Maker."
Subject: Scripture, Service
"We love to sing, and enjoy songs. But what's the purpose? Are we singing to God, is He blessed?"
Subject: Praise
"Are you afraid to be rebuked by a godly man or will you say 'let the righteous smite me'?"
Subject: Humility, Rebuke
"I want a divine indifference to things that don't matter to His kingdom."
Subject: Materialism
"I've seen I need to stop insisting on things not promised to me, and start insisting on things which ARE promised to me!"
Subject: Faith, Prayer
"God may give me some material thing that I want so bad, but I can end up hating it! Just like how the Israelite's meat became loathsome to them (Numbers 11:19-20)"
Subject: Covetousness, Materialism
"Why put a limit on what God can do?"
Subject: Faith
"Without Christ I can do nothing, with Christ I can do everything (John 15:5, Philippians 4:13)"
Subject: Dependence, Faith, Humility
"The man who trusts in the Lord will not move until God tells him to" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Obedience
"One man with God is a majority" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Holy Spirit, Unity
"Even saying no to one cookie can be a fast. - Bobby"
Subject: Fasting, Self Denial
"Jesus would not have been a hoarder. - Bobby"
Subject: Materialism
"The gospel is the good news that man can now live as God originally intended him to." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Holy Spirit
"Be violently ruthless with false humility. Stop saying "I'm not gifted, so God can't use me"!"
Subject: Humility
"Be willing to be inconvenienced by people without distinction." -Santosh Poonen
Subject: Love, Service, The Church
"The Kingdom of God is wherever God is King."
Subject: Discipleship, Submission
"Unity is purity" (1 John 1:7)
Subject: Holiness, Unity
"There is a glory you will miss throughout eternity if you tolerate any sin in your life." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Heaven, Rewards, Sin
"The highest heights we achieve are in unity together"
Subject: The Church, Unity
"Those that choose not to grumble will be like shining stars in the sky to God (Philippians 2:14-15)"
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Complaining, Sin
"One mark of all who live by faith is that they will never boast (Romans 3:27)"
Subject: Faith, Pride
"Jesus was perfect but still considered me more important than Himself (Philippians 2:3)"
Subject: Humility, Love
"I'm learning that God gives special grace for special seasons"
Subject: Grace, Trials
"I shall forever lift mine eyes to Calvary, to view the cross where Jesus died for me. How marvelous the grace that caught my falling soul, He Looked beyond my faults and saw my needs."
Subject: Forgiveness, Grace
"God does His work with those who want heavenly riches and a godly life, not with those interested in material things" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Covetousness, Materialism
"God said ‘Let there be light’ and there was light. Now God says ‘Sin shall not rule over you’-Rom.6:14. Believe it and this too will be fulfilled" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Overcoming Sin, Sin
"Beam in our eye is an unloving, judgmental attitude toward the person who has a speck in his eye. You can’t see his motives. So don’t judge." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Judging, Love, Pride
"The poor in spirit are those who are conscious of THEIR OWN need PRIMARILY. So they seek God for grace and thus get His best always (Mt.5:3)." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Dependence, Humility
"Our speech reveals the true condition of our heart (Mt.12:34). If anyone cannot control his tongue, his Christianity is worth ZERO (Jam.1:26)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Speech
"A spiritual man seeks to look at WOMEN, MONEY, MATERIAL THINGS and CIRCUMSTANCES in the way Jesus looked at them." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Money
"When we see that we don't have the mind of Christ in any area, we must repent and cleanse ourselves UNTIL we think more and more like Him (See 2 Cor 7:1 and Rom 8:29; 12:2)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Repentance
"Forgiving EVERYONE is the first step to true faith. Then you may even be able to command a mountain to move out of your way (Mark 11:22-25)." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith
"If we live selfishly for ourselves and not for the glory of God, the memory of our life will bring us regret even in heaven (2 Cor 5:10; 1 Cor 3:15)." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Heaven, Regret, Serving
"When we are secure in the love of God for us and His plan for our lives, we will never again judge anyone or envy anyone or compete with anyone." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Judging, Love of God
"Only those who have compassion for others are fit to be leaders of God's people. They can lead them to springs of living water (Isaiah 49:10)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Love
"Jesus grew in wisdom by being faithful at home and in His workplace (carpentry-shop) (Lk.2:40,52). This is how we can grow in wisdom too." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Wisdom
"A truly humble person receives such grace from God that he can overcome every sin and walk in triumph always. Even Satan will fear such a person." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility, Sin
"One mark of proud people is that they find it difficult to express appreciation for others, even when they see something really good in them" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Love, Pride
"God is looking for people who hate sin so much that they would rather die than sin with their tongue or in their thoughts or their attitudes" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discipleship, Sin
"When we UNDERSTAND a truth and are EXCITED about it, we are still on a sandy foundation. Only when we OBEY that truth will we build on rock." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Obedience, Scripture
"Many things are lawful for a believer – like good food, music and sports. But we must not allow any of them to become our master (1 Cor.6:12)." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discipline, Fasting, Self Control, Self Denial
"There is a vast difference between knowledge of the Word and the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Revelation changes our values and our life-style" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Holy Spirit, Scripture
"Israel had to choose whether they would serve Jehovah or Baal. We have to choose whether we will love Christ or Money. We cannot love both." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Money
"God has to bring us to a zero-point before He can fulfil His purpose thro' us. Don't imagine you are a somebody when you are a nobody (Gal.6:3)." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility, Pride
"Satan will ALWAYS flee from you, if EVERY area of your life and ALL your ambitions are yielded to God. Then you can resist Satan in Jesus’ Name (Jam.4:7)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discipleship, Surrender
"God will NOT remember our sins once we confess them - Heb.8:12. But we MUST remember them, or else we will become spiritually blind (2 Pet.1:9)." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Forgiveness, Gratitude, Sin
"To walk in the light is to be TOTALLY HONEST and TO TAKE THE BLAME COMPLETELY for our sins. Only thus can we have fellowship with God (1 Jn1:7)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Fellowship, Honesty, Repentance, Sin
"If we are sticklers for the letter of Scripture but deny its spirit (of loving God and loving all people), then we have only a powerless form of godliness" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Love, Scripture
"Preaching the gospel didn't make Peter or Paul materially rich. If it has made you rich, you must be preaching another gospel and another Jesus" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Money, Preaching
"It is easy to mourn with others when they suffer. But the test of our spirituality is whether we can rejoice with them when they are honored." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Love
"Jesus NEVER told anyone who came to Him IN FAITH with a problem, that He could not solve it. His power is the same today. He can help you too" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith
"Only one life. It will soon be past. ONLY WHAT YOU ALLOW CHRIST TO DO THROUGH YOU will last. What you do ‘FOR Christ’ may be uprooted (Mat.15:13)." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Serving
"When we accuse other believers, we become co-workers with Satan. When we pray for them, we become co-workers with Jesus (Rev.12:10; Heb.7:25)." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Judging, Prayer
"To build a local church as the Body of Christ is as impossible as a virgin giving birth. It can be done only through the Holy Spirit's power." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Dependence, Holy Spirit, The Church
"True Christians have NO confidence in Self and know they can do NOTHING without Christ (Phil.3:3;Jn15:5). So they seek the Spirit's FULNESS always" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Dependence, Holy Spirit
"Most believers know Jesus only as FORGIVER, NOT as SAVIOUR, for they have NOT been SAVED from unclean thoughts, anger, and the love of money." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Money, Sin
"If we stand or sit, we may fall. But never when we are flat on our face. So keep your face in the dust before God ALWAYS and be a WORSHIPPER." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Worship
"In the past I used many proofs to establish that the Bible is God's Word. Today I have one proof: It has changed my life these past 57 years!" - Zac Poonen
Subject: God's Word, Testimony
"One test of spirituality is this: Can you rejoice WHOLEHEARTEDLY when you see SOMEONE YOUNGER THAN YOU being MORE blessed and used by God than you?" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility
"If God said, 'If you sin once more you'll be sent to hell at once’, would you be MORE careful not to sin in deed, word, thought, attitude and motive?" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"God is a Father Who (1) WELCOMES repentant sinners; (2) PROVIDES our needs (3) DISCIPLINES us to make us HOLY. But many preach only (1) and (2)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discipline, Holiness, Trials
"If you claim to speak in other tongues but cannot control your mother tongue, your gift could be a counterfeit." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Speech
"The more uncompromisingly we stand for God’s truth, the more LOVING we should be to those who disagree with us. If not, our holiness is false" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Holiness, Love
"The secret of Jesus life lay in His attitude to His Father: ‘Father, ALL that is Mine is Yours. And so, ALL that is Yours is Mine (Jn 17:10). He gave 100% and got 100%. Those who give only 10% get only 10%" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discipleship, Surrender
"Jesus did not think He could serve His Father without first being anointed with the Holy Spirit. We have to be arrogant to think that we can do so." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Holy Spirit
"If you stand or sit you can fall. But if you're flat on your face you cannot fall. Keep your face in the dust before God and you'll NEVER fall." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility, Pride
"If I stand up to preach without the anointing of the Spirit, I will waste people's time, bore them and draw them to myself and not to Christ" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Holy Spirit, Preaching, Prophecy
"Our spiritual maturity is tested by our attitude toward those who do not see eye-to-eye with us. Love is the greatest, not faith" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Love
"God's mercies to us are NEW every morning - Lam.3:23. He does not keep past forgivenesses in mind. Look at others in the same way every day." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Forgiveness
"The easiest thing for God to do was to create the universe. The most difficult thing for God to do is to keep a man humble after he has been blessed or used mightily." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility
"God answers His children's EVERY prayer - with a YES, NO or WAIT (like the 3 traffic lights). So never say that God did not answer your prayer." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Finding God's Will, Prayer
"Jesus was crucified, not because He preached holiness, because He exposed the hypocrisy and empty traditions of the leaders. Follow His example." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Holiness, Preaching, Prophecy
"In my 50 years of ministry, many have falsely accused me and tried to harm me. I bless them all – for they only made me a better Christian (Rom.8:28)." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Persecution, Love
"A Jesus who FORGIVES your sins, but cannot deliver you from anger and pornography is a fake Jesus (2Cor11:4).The real Jesus SAVES us from sin (Mt.1:21)." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Forgiveness, Overcoming Sin, Salvation, Sin
"Jesus never sinned because He prayed with LOUD CRYING and TEARS (Heb.5:7). If you are equally passionate NEVER to sin, you'll pray like that too." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Prayer, Sin
"The trials you face will make you either a BETTER person or a BITTER person. It depends on whether your Self (your 'I') is crucified or not." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discipleship, Trials
"Paul knew he could be in the resurrection of the RIGHTEOUS ONLY if he kept his conscience ALWAYS clear before God and men (Acts 24:15,16). You?" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Conscience, Repentance, Resurrection
"God gives true spiritual riches to those who are FAITHFUL with money, which is much more than being RIGHTEOUS in money matters - Luke 16:11." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Money
"The greatest compliment you can ever get on earth is the testimony of a clear conscience: 'I am conscious of NOTHING against myself' - 1 Cor.4:4" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Conscience, Guilt, Sin
"Each day this year you can do the will of God OR waste the day. The choice is ours. The humble who reverence God will find God's will easily." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Finding God's Will, Humility
"God treats us in the same way we treat others. If we encourage others He will encourage us. If we are hard on others He will be hard on us." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Judging, Love
"Jesus came to SAVE us from sin (Mt.1:21). FORGIVENESS is the gate. Then comes the way (SALVATION) that leads to life. Few find the way (Mt.7:14)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"Don't preach a gospel to the world that has not saved you from sin in your own home. Jerusalem (your home) must come first; and only then othr places (Acts 1:8)." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"God seeks for WORSHIPPERS (Jn.4:23). Worship is more than thanksgiving and praise. It is to desire NOTHING and NO-ONE on earth but Jesus (Psa.73:25)" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Praise, Worship
"Romans 8:28 says that ALL things work for our good. So if we don't give thanks for ALL things (As commanded in Ephesians.5:20 - EITHER we don't believe Rom. 8:28 OR we don't love God" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Gratitude, Trials
"One sure way to know that we're growing in grace is when our conscience has begun to bother us about matters that never disturbed us earlier" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Conscience
"If you desire to do God's will alone, you'll find, as Jesus did, that there's a ‘MY HOUR’ for each part of God's plan - and no-one can hinder you" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Surrender
"The PUREST joy is found in fellowship with God as your Father (Ps.16:11) - NOT in wealth or health, or EVEN overcoming sin, Satan and the world" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Fellowship, Sin
"God has put me in debt to all people to give them the good news of full salvation in Christ. So I want to use all means to reach them." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Evangelism, Love
"Proud people will always remain “high and dry”." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Pride
"The perfect love of Jesus drives away all fear." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Anxiousness, Fear, Love of God
"Praising God is one expression of our faith." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Sin
"Real holiness always builds fellowship with others." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Fellowship
"Spiritual adultery is worse than physical adultery." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"True faith is believing that God is more eager to give than we are to receive." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith
"The more fellowship you have with the Father, the more you will be like Christ." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Fellowship
"The one who walks with God will become truly humble." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility
"Pride comes through comparison with others. Humility comes through comparison with Jesus." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility, Pride
"Jesus Christ had a flesh but no sin. Satan has no flesh but is full of sin." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"The greatest thing in the Christian life is not to be healed but to become like Christ ." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Christ-Likeness
"The more we are out of fellowship with God, the more we will judge other people." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Fellowship
"God’s word is above all human traditions." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Scripture
"Salvation from sin’s power comes only through faith in Jesus." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Sin
"The fear of death will make you a slave of sin." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"Legalism is worse that adultery." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Legalism
"Repentance and faith go together in the gospel-message." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith
"Only a good conscience will make you ready for Christ’s return." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Conscience, Guilt
"The Holy Spirit has replaced the Law." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Holy Spirit
"A proud person will never be satisfied." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Pride
"All sins originate from pride." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin, Pride
"God’s Light drives out all darkness." - Zac Poonen
Subject: God, Holy Spirit
"It is possible to miss God’s perfect will for our life through carelessness or disobedience" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Finding God's Will, Laziness, Obedience
"Money can make you rich in the world, but grace will make you rich in God’s kingdom" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Money
"Spirituality does not comes through tears and prayers, but by denying your own will" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discipleship
"The more you have been given, the more will be required from you." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Stewardship
"The opposite of fear is faith." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith
"Wisdom from God is what will help you to succeed in life." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Wisdom
"Our faith must be seen in our works." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith
"Grace is the power of God to overcome sin." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"Fear is one of Satan’s main weapons." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Anxiousness, Fear
"A self-centered life is the root of all sin." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"Building fellowship is greater than living in peace." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Fellowship
"Pride and unbelief always go together." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Pride
"Faith and humility always go together ." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Faith, Humility
"Be quick to hear and slow to speak." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Patience, Speech
"Fasting has value only if it is an expression of your love for God." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Fasting
"God decides what gift of the Spirit to give you." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Spiritual Gifts
"When we are weak in ourselves, we will be strong in God." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Dependence
"Your wisdom must be seen in your actions and words." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Wisdom
"The Holy Spirit delivers us from secret sins." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"Money should be our servant and not our master." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Money
"The grace of God solves the sin-problem at its root." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"The more you seek to please yourself, the less fellowship you will have with God." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Fellowship
"The words of Jesus are spirit and life." - Zac Poonen
Subject: God's Word
"Reverence for God is the beginning of wisdom." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Wisdom
"Eternal life is to know God the Father and Jesus Christ ." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Eternity, Knowing God
"The way to heaven is through freedom from sin." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"Christ died for the world” is history. “Christ died for me” is testimony." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Salvation, Testimony
"Jesus came to save us from the penalty of sin, and the power of sin ." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"Inward sins like pride and jealousy are far more serious than all outward sins." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin, Pride
"The more we know God, the more sensitive we will be to sin." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"God speaking directly to our hearts is superior to all visions and dreams." - Zac Poonen
Subject: God's Word, Holy Spirit
"The greatest thing in the Christian life is to be led by the Holy Spirit daily." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Holy Spirit
"Jesus wants us to do everything in fellowship with Him." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Fellowship
"Only by denying your own will can you do the will of God." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Discipleship
"Having money is not a sin but loving money is a great sin." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Money, Sin
"The more fruit you have, the more humble you will become." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility
"The only thing serious in life is sin" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Sin
"The people of God who put their trust in Jesus are the recipients of the blessing of Abraham (Galatians 3:14). And the blessings of Abraham under the New Covenant are primarily spiritual, not physical. So the people of God are not to be blessed by bigger cars and better jobs; they are to be blessed with the life of Jesus in His purity and love and faith."
Subject: Materialism, New Covenant
"I have met many “righteous” Christians (but really self-righteous) who have dishonored President Obama by making fun of him or his name, refusing to call him President, etc. That is a blatant disobedience to God’s command in 1 Peter 2:13-17. I have no respect for such religious hypocrites, as Peter tells me that it is the will of God to submit to those in authority."
Subject: Government, Submission
"After what the Lord Jesus did for me, how can anything I ever do be considered 'sacrifice'?"
Subject: Discipleship, Sacrifice, Self Denial
"The Bible tells us to give God a sacrifice of praise. In Heaven it will be easy to praise God. But can we praise God now even in the midst of all our problems? That's a SACRIFICE of praise."
Subject: Faith, Praise, Trials
"He looked beyond my faults and saw my need"
Subject: Forgiveness, Love of God, Mercy
"Every command in the Bible is given for our good. "
Subject: Love of God, Scripture
"The best way to find God's will is to be willing to give up our own will"
Subject: Discipleship, Finding God's Will, Submission
"Happiness is a feeling, but joy is a choice"
Subject: Joy
"Everything we get from God should be waited for. The spirit of grabbing is the spirit of Satan" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Covetousness, Patience
"We don't want people to join our church simply because they are fed up with other churches. We want people to join our church who are fed up with themselves! "
Subject: Humility, Pride, Repentance, Sin, The Church
"It's my pride that put Jesus on the cross"
Subject: Pride, Sin
"God can do nothing in my life if He sees unbelief (Mark 6:5-6)"
Subject: Faith, Sanctification
"I will not give to the Lord that which cost me nothing" - David (2 Sam 24:24)
Subject: Love, Sacrifice, Self Denial
"Justified before the Lord means: It's JUST as if we've never sinned"
Subject: Forgiveness, Justification, Sin
"Jesus was willing to be cursed for us! We need that same attitude. Can we disregard our comforts for others if needed - wake up early, stay late, pray earnestly, seek who else we can build up/draw in? "I'll do anything for my brothers and sisters. I am expendable God!" Paul had that attitude and at the end of his life was able to say, "I have been poured out""
Subject: Encouragement, Love, Prayer, Sacrifice, The Church
"Habit is formed by practice. Denying ourselves will become easy if we practice it."
Subject: Discipleship, Persistence, Self Denial
"Lord, you said if I seek you I will find you. I won't stop until these words become real to me!"
Subject: Faith, Seeking God
"God saved us not to just keep commandments, but so that we will desire nothing but God in our hearts" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Devotion, Obedience
"Did you get Christ cheap, without giving up much? Paul gave up everything but look at the QUALITY he obtained!" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Devotion, Sacrifice, Surrender
"If we see sin in people we should pray for them. If instead we accuse them in our hearts we are joining the side of Satan, the accuser."
Subject: Forgiveness, Judging, Prayer
"The two messages symbolized by communion are: 1. The cross, and 2. The unity of the church. These are also the two missing messages in the church today!" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Communion, Discipleship, The Church, Unity
"Love for your children is spelled T-I-M-E. But it's not necessarily QUANTITY time, it's QUALITY time." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Children, Love
"Regarding the discipline of our children: pestering is not correcting, it's just manifesting our own irritation." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Children, Discipline
"Praise during the good times is praising in fact. Praise during the hard times is praising in faith. "Blessed are those who have not seen the good outcome and still praise the Lord.""
Subject: Faith, Praise, Trials
"We have too few 'moist eyes' when talking of Jesus. Because He's not personal enough to us!"
Subject: Devotion, Jesus
"A desire in your heart is a prayer."
Subject: Prayer
"We should always be ALERT of the needs of others."
Subject: Love, The Church
"To despise poor people (maybe poor in grace) we are despising God who made them! (Proverbs 17:5)"
Subject: Hate, Judging, The Church
"Building the ark seemed like madness for 120 years... until the flood came."
Subject: Eternity, Faith, The Church
"Our God is a very forward-looking God."
Subject: Faith, Forgiveness, Hope
"I know someone in a military bootcamp who ran 15 miles with full pack each day before breakfast. And to think how much I've tended to shrink away from even the smallest spiritual disciplines!"
Subject: Discipline, Whole-Heartedness
"The best method of evangelism is testimony. You can't argue with a man who was once blind but now sees."
Subject: Evangelism
"I've met a few really godly people in my life, and I found two things in common about them: 1. They believed Bible is the Word of God and they took it seriously, and 2. They were filled with the Holy Spirit" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Holy Spirit, Obedience, Scripture
"My time with God each day often turns me to deep repentance."
Subject: Prayer, Repentance
"The question of how much am I giving to the Lord is not about quantity, it's about am I ALL IN!?!"
Subject: Devotion, Sacrifice, Whole-Heartedness
"God is such a loving Father, He doesn't just answer prayers that we voice, but even hidden ones we have in our heart."
Subject: Love of God, Prayer
"Nothing can preserve the sweet savor of our first experience except to be preoccupied with God Himself." - A.W. Tozer
Subject: Devotion
"In God every moment is new and nothing ever gets old. He can show a new aspect of His glory to us each day for all the days of eternity and still we shall have but begun to explore the depths of the riches of His infinite being." - A.W. Tozer
Subject: Eternity, God
"If you think you have been forgiven little, you haven't understood the gravity of sin." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Forgiveness, Sin
"God's biggest problem with me is I don't realize how much He loves me"
Subject: Faith, Love of God
"God's norm for us is not an easy life. It's to keep refining us."
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Discipline, Trials
"My basis for joy should never be 'my week is going well.' It should be what Jesus told me to rejoice in: 'rejoice that your names are written in Heaven' (Luke 10:20)"
Subject: Joy, Trials
"In marriage, most problems can be solved by simply letting things go and not making a big deal of them"
Subject: Forgiveness, Marriage, Unity
"Philippians 2:14-15 - If we watch our mouths we will appear as lights in darkness"
Subject: Complaining, Speech
"We can't give into the idea that Jesus lived a perfect life in a way that isn't available to us"
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Holy Spirit
"When someone patted Peter on the shoulder for preaching such a good sermon at Pentecost, he replied 'You know what I did a month ago? I denied the Lord. I'm nothing.'"
Subject: Humility, Pride
"Wisdom is gained by the man whose mind is not always occupied with his earthly pursuits."
Subject: Covetousness, Whole-Heartedness, Wisdom
"My desire isn't Heaven. My desire is to be with Christ, and to be like Him." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Devotion, Heaven
"The greatest miracle that Jesus did was going 33 years without sinning once" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Jesus, Sin
"The question all over is 'what are you doing for the Lord?' It should be 'what are you being for the Lord.'" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Serving
"Why was there no epistle to the Bereans? Because they didn't need correction like other churches. They constantly said 'Wait, let's look at the Scriptures'. They corrected themselves!"
Subject: Rebuke, Scripture
"It is written" is incomplete without "It is also written"
Subject: God's Word, Temptation, Scripture
"Lord of the years that are left to me, I give them to your hand. Take me, break me and move me, according to the pattern you have planned."
Subject: Redeeming the Time
"Romans 8:28 says that all things are working for our good if we love the Lord. Romans 8:29 defines what that good is: Christ-likeness."
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Trials
"Committing sin is like licking the toilet bowl. "
Subject: Sin
"I want to be a person that moves people by prayer rather than by words"
Subject: Evangelism, Prayer
"When trials come we suddenly tend to forget about all of God's promises!"
Subject: Faith, God's Word, Love of God, Trials
"How much I gain of Christ corresponds to how much I'm willing to let go"
Subject: Discipleship, Surrender
"What is the will of God? In everything give thanks (1 Thessalonians 5:18)"
Subject: Gratitude
"Knowing God's will and doing God's will is the difference between life and death"
Subject: Discipleship, Knowledge, Obedience
"We died to the law. It's not that we don't live in a godly way now, it's that godliness is not a law for us anymore, it's a desire for us! That's how we have died to the law."
Subject: The Law, The Heart
"Proud Christian" is an oxymoron
Subject: Humility, Pride
"Faith is saying 'Your will be done.' Everyone says 'let this cup pass from me' but few say 'Your will be done.'"
Subject: Discipleship, Faith, Prayer, Surrender
"I picture that crowd of millions in Revelation singing 'worthy is the Lamb' and myself as one little spec in that crowd. That's all I am. If I meditate on that it will humble me. The more heavenly we are the less we will boast on earth." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility
"Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to thy cross I cling"
Subject: Dependence, Grace, Mercy
"A person who lives before God alone and not men will find his inner life becoming purer and purer. That is New Covenant Christianity." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Fear of Man, New Covenant
"Some missionaries were sailing out to spread the gospel to a nation of cannibals and someone tried to convince them to turn back saying "You'll die if you go over there!" One of them replied, "We died before we got on this ship.""
Subject: Discipleship, Evangelism, Self Denial
"The fact that you sin is not as serious as the fact that you don't weep after you sin" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Repentance, Sin
"Rest in the Lord is when we are sustained and refreshed by our intimacy with God"
Subject: Knowing God, Peace, Rest
"Luke 15 and the parable of the lost sheep is the Biblical basis for the fact that even if I was the only sinner ever on the whole earth, Jesus still would have come to earth to die for me."
Subject: Love of God, Salvation
"The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You support my lot. The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me." (Psalm 16:5-6)
Subject: Knowing God
"Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth." (Psalm 73:25)
Subject: Contentment, Dependence, Devotion
"The love of God is our unshakable foundation, the core of our church."
Subject: Love of God, The Church
"Our goal in this church is not to produce perfect people who never stumble, but to teach people to get up quickly when they do stumble."
Subject: Perseverance, Overcoming Sin, Repentance, Sin
"Noah built the ark with his own money! Paul was like a New Testament Noah, building the church at his own cost."
Subject: Money, Sacrifice, Serving the Lord, The Church
"We must be aware of the danger of knowing all the theories of overcoming and yet failing to live the overcoming life. I personally did not come into the overcoming life until I understood the need for fellowship with other God-fearing believers." - Zac Poonen
Subject: Fellowship, Overcoming Sin
"Most Christians seek for God's BLESSING, there are very few who seek for God's APPROVAL. I want to see 'Lord did my life bring satisfaction to your heart?'. God said of Jesus 'This is my Son in whom I am well pleased', not 'This is my Son whom I have blessed for 33 years'" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Pleasing God
"George Muller took care of thousands of orphans without ever once asking for money. When someone asked him "what is the secret of your service for the Lord?" he replied "There was a day when George Muller died.""
Subject: Discipleship, Self Denial
"Christianity is not telling me 'Stop doing all these things.' It's telling me 'Know Someone'"
Subject: Knowing God, The Law
"What does it mean that we'll be singing a new song in Heaven (Revelation 5:5)? It means that every time I hear that Jesus died for me it will be like I'm hearing it for the first time! And we can have a foretaste of that even in this life."
Subject: Forgiveness, Jesus, Salvation, Praise
"Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." (Romans‬ ‭8:1‬)
Subject: Forgiveness, Grace, Guilt, Mercy
"Two things would give me joy when I stand before the Lord: 1. If I finished the work He gave me to do while on this earth (2 Timothy 4:7), and 2. If Jesus confesses me before the Father (Matthew 10:32)"
Subject: Joy, The Judgement Seat
"The ministry of encouragement is like being a fingernail in the body of the Lord. It doesn't require a fancy fingernail to scratch an itch, only a clean one - that means a clean heart"
Subject: Encouragement
"We don't need A drink, we need TO BE drinking" - Hudson Taylor
Subject: Dependence, Perseverance
"It's a greater miracle for God to transform us inside than to make all our difficult problems go away (outside)"
Subject: Christ-Likeness, New Covenant, Trials
"G.R.A.C.E. = God's Riches At Christ's Expence"
Subject: Grace
"Faith is not big me believing in God. It's a broken me believing in a big God."
Subject: Dependence, Faith, Humility
"1 John 1:9 - How do we cleanse ourselves? By being honest about our sins"
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Hypocrisy, Sin
"The more I submit to God's authority over me the more I'll have authority over the issues in my life"
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Obedience, Overcoming Sin
"The greatest man that ever lived was a copycat - John 5:19"
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Holy Spirit, Listening to God, Jesus
"I don't need for everyone to like me, to have so many friends. Because Jesus is my friend."
Subject: Devotion, Friendship, Jesus, Knowing God
"Spiritual growth means becoming a little weaker, more needy for God. The way up is down."
Subject: Humility
"The opposite of innocence is to constantly be arguing and disputing - Philippians 2:14-15"
Subject: Complaining
"For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brethren" (Romans 8:29)
Subject: Christ-Likeness
"Joseph didn't worry or have bitterness over what happened to him - he saw God's hand in all of it, attributed it all to God and was thankful for it - Genesis 45:5"
Subject: Complaining, Gratitude, God's Sovereignty, Praise
"But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ." (2 Corinthians 11:3)
Subject: Devotion, Knowing God
"Maturity takes years, it's like growing in age. But health doesn't! Spiritual health is whole-heartedness for the Lord. That can be immediate, and even young believers can have it."
Subject: Spiritual Maturity, Whole-Heartedness
"We need to perfect the 'I need you' cry to the Lord."
Subject: Dependence, Faith
"We can't be the comfort, joy or peace for someone else. Only God can."
Subject: Joy, Prayer, The Church
"How precious also are your thoughts to me, O God, how vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the stars, when I awake, I am still with you" (Psalm 138:17-18)
Subject: Love of God
"For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing." (2 Corinthians 2:15)
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Pleasing God, Salvation, The World
"There are 3 secrets to the Christian life: 1. Humility, 2. Humility, 3. Humility" - Zac Poonen
Subject: Humility
"The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places." Psalm 16:11 This verse has really been challenging me to examine my faith and to put off bitterness.
Subject: Grace, Knowing God, Love of God, Rewards
"Learn to get up quickly when you fall down (in sin) brush yourself off and get going!! " This has helped me a lot and I want to practice this till I reach Home safely. I believe it's taken from Ps 37:24 and from knowing the One to go to for restoration.
Subject: Discouragement, Perseverance, Sin
"God loves me just as He loves Jesus (John 17:23)"
Subject: Knowing God, Love of God
"God is still working on me."
Subject: Christ-Likeness, Sin
"The only thing serious is sin"
Subject: Sin
"My sin oh the bliss of this glorious thought, my sin not in part but the whole - was nailed to the cross and I bear it no more, praise the Lord, praise the Lord oh my soul!"
Subject: Sin, Salvation, Forgiveness, Mercy
"Thirst comes, but we should never REMAIN thirsty"
Subject: Devotion, Jesus, Whole-Heartedness
"What is the sign that Jesus is in me? I can be at rest even when the storms are increasing!"
Subject: Rest, Peace, Holy Spirit, Trials
"Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!"
Subject: Joy, Salvation
"My need is my most glorious possession I have outside of Christ Himself" - Eugenia Price
Subject: Dependence, Faith